13 August, 2016

the growing obsession with pakistan

our obsession with pakistan will be our undoing, just like theirs with india has been theirs. the indian democracy evolved, the economy grew, and the arts flourished for the last 70-odd years because we stopped thinking of pakistan all the time and didn't allow it to dictate our internal or external policies, even while fighting its proxy soldiers using a mix of symptomatic cures and holistic treatments, none of which guided our democratic, economic, educational, scientific, or policy decisions...the only places pakistan had where it's influence was acknowledged were perhaps a third or our defence policy and maybe a fifth of our external affairs

in the recent past, pakistan, and its official religion, seems to be dominant in every sphere of our lives, and it isn't a good sign for our, and our next generations' future

more than the world (mainly the usa) decoupling/dehyphenating india and pakistan, it is us who need to consciously do so, for the fear that it may soon take over our collective consciousness is real

remember, pakistan will not need an army to see india's demise if we continue on this path. we'll do it ourselves

as for modi's request for suggestions for his speech the day after tomorrow, i'd say he'd do quite well to talk of our future and how he and his government has a (realistic, workable) plan to get there...and hopefully without the crutches of an external bogey, least of all, pakistan