14 November, 2015

does terror really have no religion?

terror has NO RELIGION

...right. but terrorists do. there is no terror without terrorists

and there’d be no terrorists without a very strong justification for killing a fellow human unconnected with whatever wrong one perceives to have been perpetrated on them

...that justification is, more often than not, RELIGION

until the time there is belief in an afterlife, there will be people willing to die, and to kill in this life, expecting rewards in the next

...this belief is, in every case i have heard of, the cornerstone of RELIGION

the stronger this belief in a post-life future, the less value one accords to the present, and the more willingness to commit terrorist acts in this life

...ergo, the MORE religious you are, the more likely you are to commit reprehensible acts towards other humans and living beings

until we understand, accept, and openly call out religion as the root of such terrorism, we would never be able to even begin to start to commence to eradicate the smallest part of the suffering it causes. to absolve religion, and god, and beliefs in the supernatural of all guilt, and to blame a handful of “misguided cowards” for actions inspired directly from the purest of religious texts and teachings, is to fool only ourselves, and prepare the ground for more killings, more terror, more suffering in the future…in THIS life

the quicker we agree that religion is directly liable and responsible for such acts, the faster we would be on our way to a more peaceful world

and moderates….no, you are not true to your religion. the fundamentalists are. that is the reason they are called fundamentalists. they adhere to the “fundamentals" of your religion. THEY are the purest followers, not you. you moderates are adulterated in your beliefs. if you think YOUR beliefs are better than those of the fundamentalists, you need to re-examine your religious fundamentals. so, please do NOT defend your religion. by doing that, you are defending the terrorists…not just these, but also future terrorists. so, stop right there. i do not want to hear your apologist excuses about religions of peace and tolerance. spare me the lecture on your religion. as an atheist, perhaps i know it better than you. in fact, that is the reason i am atheist. if you want to know why i hate religion so much, you need to read your texts yourself. all the reasons are in there

about those who talk of the “real” issues being that of haves and have-nots, and young, energetic, passionate people (mostly men) becoming disillusioned enough to rebel and take the path of violence, i am not disputing any of that. all i am saying is that the REASON for disillusionment may be economic, social, or political. but the EXCUSE for justifying the killing of innocents is ALWAYS RELIGION

think about it. and once again, for those of you “praying” for paris, fuck you, fuck your prayers, and fuck your gods