17 November, 2011

rationality and atheism

the one thing i have come to dislike in the kind of atheists i see online is their focus on mocking and ridiculing others...atheism is simply a manifestation of a rational outlook towards life and the universe.

it does not mean one needs to attack unprovoked. it makes one look small and petty. and it gives one's fundamentally rational beliefs a dark side of irrational emotional outbursts towards essentially soft targets, since the beliefs that most religionists hold are so flawed and indefensible except through rhetoric.

i see no point in purposely calling some prophet a paedophile and some other prophet a bastard and some other personality (however true or mythological) a philanderer or whatever. it only shows that my focus is on running down a personality, not canvassing a more reasonable and rational lifestyle and perspective.

i condemn and abhor such mockery that reduces my rationalist discourse to the level of poking fun at one person. rational thought is much more than heaping ridicule on others incapable of it.

i will continue to appeal to reason and rational thinking and never give in to the baser instincts of lowering myself to the level of ridicule.